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Things to consider before buying a Spinning Reel

Things to consider before buying a Spinning Reel

The quality and type of spinning reel is a very important one if you love fishing. The spinning reel is connected with the fishing rod. Very few anglers realize the importance of a quality spinning reel. A quality spinning reel enhances the lifetime of a fishing rod. If you are a fishing lover, a spinning reel should be one of the most important things that you should consider. With a spinning reel, you will be able to cast both light lure and heavy lures and baits. No matter you are a beginner angler or an experienced one, a suitable spinning reel with good quality is necessary. There are numerous kinds of spinning reel suitable for different kinds of water. You will have to choose the right one according to your need and the kind of water. The modern spinning reels are improvised and a good dragging system.

When it comes to spinning reels you have plenty of options for different companies at different price ranges. But before buying it is better to collect information about the features and functions of different spinning reels. It is better to compare between multiple spinning reels to get the best spinning reel that suits your need. No matter which spinning reels you pick, you should consider the basic thing like:


The first thing you should check that is the size of the spinning reel. The spinning reel should be able to balance the fishing rod you are using. The size of the spinning reel should be decided on the weight of the rod.


You need a good dragging system when you love to fish the bigger size of fishes. If you are fishing a larger and heavy fishy you will definitely want to avoid the sticky drag. There different kinds and shape of the part of the fishing rod for different kinds of fishing. Different parts of the fishing rod help different fishing techniques easier. If you want a smoother and reliable drag system you should go for a front drag. The front drag is smooth but also helps to exert more pressure than a rear drag.

Line capacity:

If you are fish small fishes or medium sized ones the average line of capacity will be enough for you. But if you are casting for larger fish in the heavy streams of water or in the deep water, it is must to take the larger capacity reel.


The casting and pressure, friction against the spool make a successful casting of fishes. So it is necessary that you check all of the parts carefully to make an enjoying casting of fishes. If your spool is shorter and narrower in sizes, it will create friction in the lines and your casting distance will get shorter. That is why the spinning reel should have wider and longer spool for any kind of casting.

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