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The Benefits of a Free Standing Jib Crane

The Benefits of a Free Standing Jib Crane

Cranes are important in most civil engineering projects. There are many types of cranes. Jib crane is one of them. This crane utilizes a mounted arm in lifting, moving, and lowering materials. It is usually used in industrial sectors. Free Standing Jib Crane is one of the most common type of Jib crane. In this article, I will describe the benefits of a free standing Jib crane.

Free Standing Jib Crane

This type of crane is the most versatile Jib crane. While placed on the floor, it requires no support to make it stable. It also has a large foundation base to make it stable. The base and height of the foundation will largely depend on the load to be lifted. Free standing Jib crane is perfect for various situations. They are underneath large bridge cranes, in open areas where they serve several work areas, and in outdoor applications.

Capacity, Span, and Rotation

The capacity of this type of crane is ranges from 250-30,000 lbs. It’s standard span is 4-30 feet. There are I-beam boom assemblies for heavier capacities and longer spans. The standard rotation is 3600.

The Applications of a Free Standing Jib Crane

Following are the most common applications of a Free Standing Jib Crane.

  • It is used in circular coverage areas.
  • It is great for outdoor applications, such as loading docks.
  • It is good for applications underneath large bridge cranes.
  • This type of crane is good for open areas where the jib can serve several areas.
  • It is also used for machining or assembly applications. Then, it can be overlapped with other Jibs to provide staged coverage.

Accessories and Options of a Free Standing Jib Crane

  • Free Standing Manual Rotation Stops.
  • Retrofit Universalized Kit.
  • Tagline Electrification.
  • Anchor Bolt Templates, paper and/or plywood.
  • Multi-Position Lock Devices.
  • Single-Position Lock Devices.
  • Anticorrosive paints.
  • Protection cover for motors and control panel.
  • Rotation motor with stainless steel brake, blocks, and/or tropicalization.
  • Anticondensation heaters.
  • Limit Switches.
  • Tight Wire Kit.
  • Base plate mounted.
  • Sleeve mounted.
  • Insert sleeve mounted.
  • Outdoor Application.
  • Hoist and Trolley Packages.
  • No Load Parking Device.
  • Epoxy Anchoring System for foundationless mounting.

Advantages of a Free Standing Jib Crane

The advantages of a Free Standing Jib Crane is given below.

  • It is a cost effective solution for lifting needs.
  • It is very easy to operate.
  • It performs various functions to within a work area.
  • This crane’s independent head assembly installs separately. This makes installation easier.
  • Full supporting triangular base plate gussets are used instead of struts. This minimizes crane deflection and makes positioning loads easier.
  • It allows 3600 of continuous rotation. It can do so even when using electric or air-powered hoists and trolleys.
  • It puts no stress on building’s support structure.
  • This type of crane is ideal for maximum headroom and trolley level.
  • It’s cantilever-style boom allows for maximum hoist lift.

Considering all the applications and advantages, a Free Standing Jib Crane is the best option for civil engineering projects.

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