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Screen Porch Designs

Ways of saving screened porch from bugs:

A screened porch is a place of relaxation and comfort, where you can have a peaceful time with yourself and your favorite one. But bugs can become one of the interruptions for you here. So, you will never want to have your favorite porch full of bugs. So, when you are considering screen porch designs, include the measures of bug prevention too.

The following ways can help you to keep the bugs away from your porch.

  • Proper door installation: You need to install the door properly for keeping the bugs out. When you are opening your door, there is always a chance that one or two bugs may enter your home. But when it will be closed make sure that it is providing a tight seal. If it is not doing that then maybe it wasn’t installed properly. Take help of a professional to make the adjustments.
  • Using right porch screening system: In the past, people used to install screen by stapling it. But this system was unable to provide a complete seal and also cause difficulty in repairing. You can use Screen-Eze which uses a two piece system with the metal track. To the post, the metal attaches tightly and then over the top of it a gasket of rubber snaps, 365-degree contact – the perfect seal. When the gasket goes on, the screen is pulled down 1/4” inch all the way around. So the screen is extremely tight when it is pulled. If your current system relied on staples and it is in need of repair, think about upgrading a new system instead.
  • Covering the area under the deck: When you are using traditional decking there will be 1/8” or 1/4” gaps between the boards. It can be the perfect entryway for the bugs. If you add a screen to the deck at the time of construction process by laying the fabric down on top of the joists before the deck boards are placed on the top. In case you have an existing porch with this, there is still something that can be done. Installing individual screen panels between the joists will help you in this manner.

Benefits of screened porch:

There are mainly four types of porch. Front, back, wraparound and screened porch. Each of them contains some benefits. When you are thinking of applying screen porch designs on your porch you get following benefits –

  • It will beautify your house and will provide you with a perfect place to have a relaxing time.
  • Screened porch is great for entertainment. You won’t have to worry about bugs, rain or cold. You can set a TV or an Xbox so that you can have quality time there.
  • If you are building a screened porch you will have enough additional space.

You can apply any screen porch designs you want to. Screened porch can be the best option if you are thinking of building a porch. Like other porches, it will provide you with all the benefits, but not all other porches provide you with the benefits of a screened porch.

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