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Medical Marijuana Card Doctor

Medical Marijuana Card Doctor

Medical marijuana doctors:

A lot of doctors in Canada and United States of America still hesitates to recommend medical marijuana to their patients. The main reason of that is the lack of research on the side effects and dosage. Yet both of the countries are experimenting with the legalization of this drug. Because many physicians do favor its use as a medicine under certain circumstances. But to have medical marijuana as a patient you need to have the medical marijuana card doctor is the one whose help is mandatory in this manner. Because if a doctor won’t be recommending medical marijuana for you, then your condition will be considered as illegible for such treatment. So, before visiting medical marijuana doctor get your medical marijuana card, doctor/physician’s recommendation is compulsory to get so.

Requirements to visit medical marijuana doctors:

If you want to assure a successful visit with your medical marijuana doctor, you need to bring the following with you to your appointment:

  • Proof of identification: you can bring one of these following documents as your proof of identification –
  1. Valid and current state driver’s license
  2. Valid and current state ID card
  3. Military issued current ID card
  4. Proof of in-state residency like the utility bill, lease, bank, statement etc.
  • Appropriate medical documentation: You need to bring along necessary medical documentation to support your diagnosis including –
  1. Recent medical records
  2. List of current prescription
  3. Letter of physician (if there is any)
  4. Test results such as X-rays, MRI’s (if it is applicable)

  • Payment method: Credit card, check or money orders for payment unless you have paid in advance through the secure online payment system.
  • Other: There are some other requirements too that need to be fulfilled –
  1. If you are a minor (18- ), your parent or legal guardian must accompany you.
  2. You need to provide proof of payment for medical marijuana ID card.
  3. You can’t be on legal probation.

The expectation from a medical marijuana doctor:

The following information may reflect what to expect when you visit a medical marijuana card doctor.

  • Guidelines by physicians: Updated guidelines have been issued by the college of Family Physicians of Canada for doctors of Canada on how and when to treat medical marijuana patient. Under these guidelines, physicians can prescribe their patients cannabis when all other treatments have failed. In Canada for diseases like anxiety and insomnia, cannabis is not applicable for treatment. But in the USA, it is applicable for these diseases.
  • Scheduling an appointment: You need to be careful if the doctor’s office is in or near a cannabis dispensary. It is illegal for a doctor to be on site at a dispensary which is a clear indication of fraud. So, you need to be sure that the doctor is certified and listed on the medical board before going to your evaluation.
  • Visiting a medical marijuana doctor: Visiting a medical marijuana doctor is similar to seeing a conventional doctor. Your discussion during the appointment should be confidential and a medical marijuana doctor won’t report you to federal or state agencies.

Medical marijuana is recommended in certain diseases where regular treatment fails. So, when a patient is recommended for such treatment they need to fulfill the requirements and they also need to know what to expect from a medical marijuana doctor.

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