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Make Your Own Rustic Log Beds

Make Your Own Rustic Log Beds

Rustic furniture is becoming a popular trend for the household furniture. People now look for a more premium, elegant, simple design furniture that can last for years. Rustic furniture can give all these benefits. Also, rustic furniture is easy to maintain and people in busy schedule wants to have this benefit in their life. Rustic furniture has many benefits but the truth is all these benefits comes at a price. And as rustic furniture are made from pure wood it cost a significantly larger amount compared to the modern furniture. So people often think to build their own rustic furniture. Rustic Bedroom Sets are easy to make and needs some simple skills and tools. Also, people need durable beds before going to any other rustic furniture. Making a rustic bed is simple but needs some proper understanding. Also, the person should bear in mind that making a rustic bed needs a lot of time and patience. The process starts from selecting the wood to placing the bed in the bedroom.

Selecting the wood: The first step is selecting the wood. There are different woods like cedar, pine, oak etc. The person should choose the wood that he/she seems suitable as all of these woods are good.

Selecting the tree: There are different sources to buy a tree. Selecting is very important as the durability depends on it. The person should choose a healthy and matured tree.

Cutting the tree: After finalizing the tree the person should cut the tree. This needs professional help. To cut the tree into a shape that compliments the furniture is necessary.

Detaching the trunk: After cutting the tree the trunk should be removed carefully. It will be the main body of the rustic bed. As most of the rustic beds come with flat bars, the user should carefully choose the size of the trunk.

Cutting as per measurement: The other parts of the tree becomes different essential part of the rustic bed. So the user should follow a measurement chart and cut the tree logs as per the plan.

Shaping: After cutting the parts of the tree the person should shape the parts of the bed. There are specific parts that are needed to be cut and burnished. Also, the bed should come with smooth edges. Otherwise, it will create problems in terms of comfort.

Making holes: The rustic beds are mostly joined through holes. Though some people use screws in the holes to hold the bed properly. So after shaping is done, holes should be created on the parts to join them.

Final touch-ups: The next step is to join the parts of the bed. The person needs to join the parts and drill holes for screws. Some people also use clamps to attach the beds, some might think to burnish the bed.

Assembling: After all the process is done the bed should be dissembled and brought into the room where it will be assembled. The assembling process is simple but it should lock down the bed for a long time.

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