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Building Your Own Gym May Be the Perfect Solution to Get into Shape

Building Your Own Gym May Be the Perfect Solution to Get into Shape

A home gym can be put anywhere you have the free space. Spare rooms, garages and basements can make very good home gyms. Some points to consider:

Is your space climate controlled? If not, you may want to invest in a space heater or air conditioner, especially if you live in an area with extreme temperatures. Will the floor need protection? Antique hard wood floors and heavy weights don’t mix. Protect your floor with rubber mats, available at most fitness suppliers. If you plan on lifting heavy weights, the best floor you can have is concrete with rubber mats.

What floor will your gym be on? Ground floor and basement gyms are ideal. Gyms on upper floors can cause noise and vibration throughout the home. Will this room serve more than one function? If so, you’ll need to carefully plan how to best use your allotted space. Make sure you know the dimensions of both your floor space and the equipment you plan to buy. Is the entrance to the room big enough to move large equipment in and out? Not knowing this can be a painful and expensive lesson on planning. And you must discuss with charlotte custom home builders.

Cardio Equipment

When you’re buying cardiovascular equipment for the home, you need to consider flexibility and footprint. The elliptical trainer is a popular piece of equipment in gyms but it’s very large, and you can only progress so far on it. Stationary bikes take up less room, and allow more variation between high and low intensities. If you already own a bicycle, you can save even more room by using your current bike on an indoor trainer. A folding treadmill offers a great workout with an exceptionally small footprint.

Weight Training Equipment

Machines may be cool looking, but for the home gym, free weights rule. Free weights take up minimal space, and offer infinite exercise variations. A free weight station starts with a power rack. A good rack with a removable bench will allow you to do almost any barbell exercise you can think of easily and safely. A great rack needs a great barbell. Get a 7 foot, 45lb Olympic bar which will fit in any rack.

Adjustable dumbbells offer a large variation of exercises with minimal space requirements. Powerblocks are a well made, space saving set of adjustable dumbbells. Resistance bands take up little space and offer a wide variety of exercise options.

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