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Bathe Your Bird in a Good Way

Bathe Your Bird in a Good Way

Birds are more sensitive compared to other pet animals. Though they do not need long time training like cats or dogs, they need specific treatment. A person normally takes good care of the pet bird with cutting the nails regularly and keeping the wings and beak healthy. This requires some playful toys and regular meals. But bird care is sensitive and time-consuming. Because the owner needs to create a bond first. Birds do not respond to strangers. Showering your Bird is one of the bird caring tasks the owner needs to perform. It might seem to be a normal task. But as birds are wild animals and have a warmer temperature than humans, they need extra care.

Be careful: A new bird owner should be very careful when trying to make the bird for bathing. If a bird is newly brought there is a chance that the bird might try to fly away. Also, the bird can scratch the owner just because the bond is not strong. And even if the bird cannot fly away from it still might refuse to take a bath with the new owner. Placing a bowl of water in the cage can be the solution. The bird will take the bath on its own.

Use just water: Birds do not need anything extra like we humans do. Birds have their natural system to clean their feathers and skins. Using shampoo or soap might grab the oil from their skin and this will result in having worn feathers and weak skin. So pure fresh water is all the bird needs.

Check the water: The owner must check the water like they do for their kids. Birds have a warmer temperature than us. So the water should be a little high temperature compared to the room temperature. If the water temperature is too high then the bird skin might burn and the bird will lose the interest in bathing for a long time. The water must feel good to the bird because it will make the bird interested to take the bath again.

Make it comfortable: The environment should be comfortable. And the bath should be completed in the middle of the day. This allows the bird to let dry their feathers for the next hours of the day. And noon is a suitable time to the bath as the environment is not cold. Some birds also want privacy. So covering the area with a cloth or something is a good idea.

Use a little water: Birds do not need a lot of water. They can spread water by using their wings. So the owner can use a little water where the bird can easily stand. This little amount of water will do the trick.

Rewards: The bathing should end with a treat. This will help the bird to get habituated with the bathing process and eventually the bird will start to like it. The owner should choose something favorite of the bird.

Showering the bird is a very sensitive task and needs proper attention.

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