With Video gaming, are children more creative?

The biggest problem parents are facing today is the alarming attitude that their children show toward video gaming.  At first, parents make video games as a way to keep their children busy, while they are doing other things in the house.  I have often seen parents, hands over their smart phones to their children, even as young as 4 or 5 years old, to keep the child stop crying.  You see, it is the making of the parents at first, not knowing that this will keep their children addicted to it. More stories about gameplay, pc build strategy with radiator fans check here.

Creativeness in a bad since

Yes, I can see creativeness among children who play video games, whether in their gadgets or in the computer.  It makes them creative, in the since that they used to make ways to solve any challenge within the game.  But the problem is, those challenges are just in game. Those are not realistic. Those, that normally happens in the environment.

The benefits of not playing video games often

Children in the old day’s used to play outside the house, they learn how to catch birds, they go fishing in the rivers, cats butterflies and play many outdoor games.  You can see them laugh and have fun at each other.  They run, the jump and in the process, keep them healthy, because of all the physical activities they do.  It helps them to:

  1. Become more creative in life. Because they are outside, they learn many things, which include how to deal with the things they see outside.  They learned many things in the environment.
  2. Learn to be patient. Children who are more exposed to the environment are more patient, than those who are only playing video games, most of the time.  While those people who are addicted to video games, will immediately complain if there is no power for just few minutes.
  3. They learn to survive. Survival is very important to every child. People who are more exposed outside and learned the basics of dealing the environment, will likely to survive any trials the will encounter.
  4. They are happier. Children who play more outside are happier

The remedy

Parents have big role to play to be able to change the way their child lives.  Here are some of the thing’s parents must do.

  1. Don’t buy your children expensive phones. The reason we buy our children phone is to be able to contact them and follow up their whereabouts.  What they need is only communication tools, just enough to make and receive a call.
  2. Keep them busy. Make your children work at home.  Keep them busy and make an arrangement on their schedule to play video games.  And if they failed to follow rules, be firm on your punishment.
  3. Bring them along and include them in your home activity. Involve your children in your activities. Assign them task to do and do not let them feel like they are guests in your own home.

Your children’s future will be 99% of your making. Keep them productive and keep them involve.  This way, they will give less emphasis on video games.

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